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Retro Classic R-Type coming to iPhone

R-type coming soon to app store
EA are releasing R-Type for iPhone shortly

Remember R-Type from back in the day? We have recently been playing the true retro version of this so fingers crossed that EA have managed to capture the spirit of the original. Not much in the way of details at the moment but here is what the press release from EA had to say about this upcoming release.

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Caligo Chaser (Beta) iPhone Preview

Caligo Chaser
New Side-Scrolling Action RPG by Com2uS

This week, I had an opportunity to participate in the beta testing of an upcoming action RPG by Com2uS. While not particularly groundbreaking, Caligo Chaser is an ambitious title with excellent role-playing features and tactical melee combat. It gives you the best of what's available in an RPG game like Inotia 2 and quality gameplay similar to Gamevil's Hybrid: Eternal Whisper. If you are in the market for a more action-based role playing game, Caligo Chaser should be at the top of your list of purchases when it hits the App Store.

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Video Gaming

Gaming fights off recession

Is the video gaming sector about to crunch to a halt? The answer is a definitive no – check out why......

In reality, while economic downturn may slightly alter the dynamics of the video gaming world – the sector is predicted to grow in popularity – good news for both gamers and the industry as a whole, such as online casino websites, gaming websites in general and developers.

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