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OpenFeint 2.5 now available

Download the new SDK today!

2.5 is all about giving you complete control of your game data. It comes with upgraded APIs that make it even easier to build community, promote your games, and foster competition (turn-based multi-player!). Take a peek below for some more exclusive new/improved features of the new 2.5 OpenFeint SDK.

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Rimelands coming soon

Submitted to the appstore this Friday

Rimelands is a series of turn-based roleplaying games for the iPhone. The first game of the series is the Hammer of Thor, an adventure of myth and legend in a world that has just recently began to recover from a thousand-year winter. You play as a young treasure hunter exploring abandoned vaults to appease her grandmother’s seemingly endless appetite for riches, while struggling to find more about her dead parents and shrouded past.

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Video Gaming

Gaming fights off recession

Is the video gaming sector about to crunch to a halt? The answer is a definitive no – check out why......

In reality, while economic downturn may slightly alter the dynamics of the video gaming world – the sector is predicted to grow in popularity – good news for both gamers and the industry as a whole, such as online casino websites, gaming websites in general and developers.

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