How Does iPhone 3G S Compare to PSP?

Tech Spec Comparison

Here are the technical specification comparisons between iPhone 3GS and PSP. They have been chosen based upon specs which bear relevance to the mobile/ handheld systems as gaming platforms.

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Action Gamer in Puzzler Play Shock Experiment !

TiG Challenge a Gamer's Narrow Mind

Originally, iPodgamer was due undertake this mission. However, the good bods at TiG have set me a task. Recognising my affinity towards my favourite action games, they have acknowledged a need for me to be more reflective of the diversity of different genres.

They have encouraged me to embrace the joy to be found in the variety and value of different Apps. TiG want me to change my ways. Deep breath; they have sent me off to review a Puzzle and a RTS or Tower Defence game of my choice. "Oh, the horror...the horror" whispered Colonel Walter E. Kurtz.

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Video Gaming

Gaming fights off recession

Is the video gaming sector about to crunch to a halt? The answer is a definitive no – check out why......

In reality, while economic downturn may slightly alter the dynamics of the video gaming world – the sector is predicted to grow in popularity – good news for both gamers and the industry as a whole, such as online casino websites, gaming websites in general and developers.

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iPod and iPhone gaming - The future

Apple Eat Nintendo
Large fruit eats large plumber..

The App Store hit 1.5 billion downloads recently, this is a colossal number of downloads especially when you consider that this was achieved in just over a year. Apple's business model is certainly working just fine.

I can recall TiG's very own JamieO mentioning to me last year that he was laughed out of GAME (For those in the US, think Electronics Boutique) when he asked if they would be stocking iPod Touch 2G.

An oh so knowledgable GAME staff member snorted, "Why would we stock an .mp3 player? we sell games consoles?" JamieO smiled and left without saying a word.

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