iPhone is a serious gaming platform

When will the non-believers wake up!

Time to put this debate to sleep, The iPhone is a serious gaming platform, period! If you are a true gamer you should appreciate all platforms surely? The whole debate and fanboyism reminds me of Snes vs Megadrive, PS1 vs N64, Xbox vs PS2 and so on! Thankfully I am lucky enough to own pretty much every mainstream game console ever released. I love quality games regardless of platform.

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New ipad gaming site coming soon!

Jumping on the iPad bandwagon.

It certainly looks as though Apple fans are taking to the iPad in a big way. Never saw that coming! More importantly gamers are getting very excited at the prospect of big screen gaming on the go. I am still going to hold out for the next revision of the iPad before I get all ga ga over it, but the potential to be an awesome gaming device is certainly there.

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You're not going to buy an iPad.

No.. you're not, well not yet.

iPad is here, Steve jobs announced the new tablet device today as expected. The media hype surrounding this announcement has been absolutely huge. Twitter has been buzzing all day and the hashtags #iSlate, #iPad etc.. have been trending for much of it. But who is this device actually aimed at?

I have a laptop, a PC, a decent Phone, a 3rd gen iPod Touch, various next gen games consoles and other gaming handheld devices. Do I need an iPad? My head says no, my wallet says no and even the Apple geek in me says NO! I expect that many other techie types are of the same opinion?

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A brief look back at iPhone gaming in 2009

What a year it was...

2010 is well and truly upon us, but what a year for iPhone gaming eh! A year that it was proven beyond all doubt that the iPhone is a valid gaming platform. I expect that 2010 will be the year that pretty much seals the deal but lets take a look back at some of my all time iPhone favourites from 2009.

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Eliminate microtransactions in FPS games

It could of been so very very good....

I jumped for joy when ngmoco released Rolando for the iPhone, I was so impressed by Topple it prompted me to downloaded the full version of Rolando when it hit the app store. I was blown away by the visuals and the aural delights but when the physics of the flipped out gravity level's coalesced with the usage of the accelorometer it provided a genuinely unique, high quality gaming experience

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Will iPod Touch be the Apple of our eye this Christmas?

iPod touch and iPhone will be the big sellers this yuletide season.

With it's faster CPU and more powerful graphics ability, the new iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS truly are mobile gaming platforms to rival the prowess of the Sony PSP and Nintendo's DS. But, they have so much more to offer than either of the afforementioned systems. The iPod Touch is not only a great gaming machine it is also a world class .mp3 player, internet browser, social media darling, video player and personal organizer to boot.

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Top 10 games on the iPhone

10 best iphone and ipod touch games.

I have been playing games on my iPod touch for over a year now, and I thought it might be nice to write a little list of my favourite games on the platform so far.

There are so many games on the App store that compiling such a list has actually been rather difficult, I thought about organising my favourites by Publisher, then by genre, then by release date! In the end I have decided to simply list my all time favourites so far! So here goes, my favourite iPhone games (and why!) in reverse order!

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More Stuff

Retro Classic R-Type coming to iPhone

R-type coming soon to app store
EA are releasing R-Type for iPhone shortly

Remember R-Type from back in the day? We have recently been playing the true retro version of this so fingers crossed that EA have managed to capture the spirit of the original. Not much in the way of details at the moment but here is what the press release from EA had to say about this upcoming release.

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Caligo Chaser (Beta) iPhone Preview

Caligo Chaser
New Side-Scrolling Action RPG by Com2uS

This week, I had an opportunity to participate in the beta testing of an upcoming action RPG by Com2uS. While not particularly groundbreaking, Caligo Chaser is an ambitious title with excellent role-playing features and tactical melee combat. It gives you the best of what's available in an RPG game like Inotia 2 and quality gameplay similar to Gamevil's Hybrid: Eternal Whisper. If you are in the market for a more action-based role playing game, Caligo Chaser should be at the top of your list of purchases when it hits the App Store.

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