Parking Mania HD motors on to iPad!

Another parking mad game..

Parking Mania HD just launched on the App Store and puts your parking skills to the test. Steer your car into tight spaces, avoid obstacles and look both ways for moving traffic! With polished graphics, great sounds, more than 80 intricate levels and 30 different vehicles to drive, you'll find endless entertainment with this game.

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Cogs a steampunk puzzle game for iPhone

cogs iphone game
Building machines on your iPhone

Cogs is an innovative new puzzle game where players build an incredible variety of machines. Based in a steampunk universe with stunning visual design, Cogs is candy for the eyes. And with 50 unique levels and three gameplay modes, we've packed in hours of entertaining, addictive fun.

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Ravensword: The Fallen King Review

Action RPG by Chillingo is a Brilliant...Work in Progress

2009 has been a year chocked-full of headlines for games on the App Store. Ravensword: The Fallen King is perhaps the biggest headliner of them all with its immersive experience in a beautifully rendered open 3D world. Although the first iteration is not without some controversy, it's difficult not to like this game.

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Twin stick marvel Guerrilla Bob hits the App Store

Guerrilla Bob looks to be a twin stick shooter with depth

Twin stick shooters are perfectly suited to the iPhones multi touch control system. So far releases such as mini-gore and iDracula were really focused on high score chasing, Alive 4 ever made inroads into developing more in the way of storyline, but even this was lacking any real depth. Chillingo's latest release, Guerrilla Bob looks like it may be the first twin stick shooter to really hit the spot with regards to depth, storyline and features.

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Will iPod Touch be the Apple of our eye this Christmas?

iPod touch and iPhone will be the big sellers this yuletide season.

With it's faster CPU and more powerful graphics ability, the new iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS truly are mobile gaming platforms to rival the prowess of the Sony PSP and Nintendo's DS. But, they have so much more to offer than either of the afforementioned systems. The iPod Touch is not only a great gaming machine it is also a world class .mp3 player, internet browser, social media darling, video player and personal organizer to boot.

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