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Asphalt 5 game review

Asphalt 5 TiG Rapid Review

Burnout your tires on Asphalt 5

Gameloft's latest racer Asphalt 5 is an all-out, eyeball popping arcade speed-fest. Slick graphics, luscious courses and best of all lots of nitrous! If you're looking for Gran Turismo style realisim, Asphalt 5 may not be for you. If on the other hand you start getting excited at the thought of planting your foot, whilst drifting and boosting to panic inducing levels of velocity through beautifully rendered environments. You're going to want to Download Asphalt 5 now :)

Asphalt 5 has two main game modes; primarily, you will probably want to jump right into the career mode and hone your skills as a driver. You can then take what you have to the global stage and compete with up to four other players online. Or, if you have 5 friends with iPhone or iPod touch (who doesn't!) all 6 of you can mash it up via Bluetooth or local wi-fi.

The online multiplayer is tons of fun and Gameloft have provided a very positive experience for its users. We suffered no connection problems or laggy servers, plus the implementation of Gameloft Live, provides the opportunity to chase high scores and various achievements. Asphalt 5 is an all round solid multiplayer game.

Asphalt 5 game review
Asphalt 5 game review
Asphalt 5 game review
Asphalt 5 game review
Asphalt 5 game review
Asphalt 5 game review

Getting back to career mode, your arcade racing experience begins behind the wheel of the new Mini, your mission is to compete in various races and challenges on a trans-continental scale. One minute you're hurtling around the South of France, next minute you're cruising through the night time lights of Vegas. Winter in Aspen provides a particularly memorable highlight and the snowy mountain roads are a joy to scream around at full pelt.

As you race around the globe you are rewarded with oodles of cash to build and upgrade your collection of fine motor vehicles. Spend spend spend.. all your hard earned dosh on Lambos and Ferraris, BMW perhaps? Audi R8 sir? mmm yes please!

Asphalt 5 provides the ultimate 'kid in a candy store' experience for grown-ups. The choice of cars and bikes available is vast and the upgradable aspect is a much welcomed feature. However, the racing sim gamer within me would like to of seen more finesse regarding the upgrades, some hands on tweaking would have been a good idea. Engine tuning etc.. i.e. AMG, BRABUS (Mercedes) or M Power (BMW) etc.. This style of upgrade need not be constrained to sim only titles. You can have greater 'tweakability' and keep things arcade style.

Having said that, the game is very well balanced as it is and is lots of fun. As you earn more cash it is a real buzz to start buying and upgrading more expensive cars. Fortunatley my dream car (Audi R8) is included in the line-up and it was great to get to race it around at ridiculous speeds.

Arguably the gameplay is pretty shallow, there is no real storyline like in say, Driver or TOCA Race Driver etc.. but it does'nt need it. Asphalt 5 does have a little sideline feature by which you can "pull" some very attractive ladies. This is fun, but the racing is what counts here and once your done gawking at female flesh you can rest assured that you will soon be going googly eyed over the sleek carbon fibre frame of your next supercar!

If you haven't guessed it yet, the graphics in Asphalt 5 are absolutely top notch. Sure, some of the lighting effects are probably pre-rendered but it doesn't matter a jot! There are plenty of moments in the game that you will force you to pinch yourself and think, WOW! this is on my iPhone! Overall, Asphalt 5 looks freakin unreal, good job Gameloft.

Look at the speed of that thing!

Asphalt 5 is fast make no mistake, I have played the game on both 2nd and 3rd gen hardware and although the game is playable on older generations. There is a marked difference in terms of frame rate. Asphalt 5 flows so much better on iPhone 3GS or 3rd gen iPod touch. Maybe something to bear in mind if your running older hardware.



In a nutshell

Asphalt 5 is undoubtedly targeted to meet the needs of the arcade racing fan, a duty which it achieves admirably. If Burnout or Ridge Racer are your style of game then you will certainly get your nitrous hit from Asphalt 5. The only issue that I had with Asphalt 5 was with the "Cop Chase" challenges. These were originally nigh on impossible to complete. Thankfully Gameloft have altered this in the latest release and "Cop Chase" is now as much fun as the rest of the game.

If you are looking for a genuine Arcade racer, you could do much worse than Asphalt 5. At the time of writing this is probably the best Arcade racer on the platform. I have played Need for Speed Shift, and that too is amazing, but for pure Arcade simplicity and fun is does'nt get better than Asphalt 5.