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ATV Offroad Review

ATV offroad TiG Rapid Review

2XL Games brings ATV Offroad to the iPhone

From the moment you boot up 2XL's ATV Offroad on iPhone you will be amazed at the level of graphical presentation. This is a very good looking game indeed. The visuals remind me of the quality of the original Motorcross Madness on the PC. Obvioulsy some tweaking has been done on the iPhone version and it now looks even sweeter,

but the same kind of physics and style from 2XL's earlier motorsport ventures is clearly evident in the iPhone version.

Some reviewers have complained that the control's employed in ATV offroad are a slightly inconsistent. IGN have described the control as 'manageable' here at TiG we disagree and would say that the controls are pretty much flawless when you learn how to use em!

Our main bug bear is the Audio. It has to be said that the audio really lets the game down. There is no functionality to allow the player to user their own music. But even worse, the games own soundtrack fades out when the action begins. All you are left with is the tinny exhaust note of your ATV. I am not usually one for audio but it does seem woefully lacking especially when you consider the audio options that come with Asphalt 5 or Need for Speed Shift. Both have their own soundtracks plus you can listen to your own tunage if you want.

ATV follows the usual tack in terms of gameplay, it comes with 3 game modes, namely Arcade, Career and Multiplayer. Of these career is probably the most enjoyable in our opinion. Unfortunately there are no exciting vehicles to be unlocked and no upgrade to your hardware become available as you progress. The ability to upgrade your ATV would have been nice, but what you do get for your effort are some amazingly beautiful tracks to hurtle around. The cleanliness of the rendering is unsurpassed in many racing titles, ATV offroad is easily up there with the big hitters for sure. What makes it more attractive is the fact that it runs pretty much as well on 2nd gen hardware as it does on 3rd gen. So if your after a racer that will run well and look stunning on older machines, ATV offroad could certainly be worth a look.

ATV Offroad Review
ATV Offroad Review
ATV Offroad Review
ATV Offroad Review
ATV Offroad Review
ATV Offroad Review

Tricks R 4 Kidz

One of the best aspects of ATV offroad is the ability to do some awesome tricks, if you like MX or your mates are the Metal Mulisha then you will be familiar with Superman Seatgrab, Backflips, Can Cans.. if not, then your just gonna enjoy them anyway. Tricks don't earn any extra points in racers but if you throw a few in here and there it does seem to make your ATV flow a little better. Whether this is actually programmed in the code or it is simply the whimsical nature of my brain I do not know! But it certainly adds to the level of excitement, as if you screw it up your going to lose!

Trickery is achieved by either twitching the accelerometer (backflips) or by pressing singular or button combo's on the side of the screen. It's really easy to pull tricks but getting the pitch right for a smooth landing is another story. You also have a "coiled preload spring" icon that illuminates when you are ready for lift off. If you hit the spring at the correct moment you will get a few extra feet in height and distance. Overall the tricks are well implemented into the control system and realistically rendered by the game engine.



In a nutshell.

With such a back history of making awesome motorsport games, 2XL have been 90% on the money with ATV offroad. Graphics, smoothness and frame rate are the best feature's of the game. I was genuinely bowled over by the graphics and even though I have played the game thoroughly, I still believe that these are some of the best graphics in any iPhone game. But, and there always is one! The aural experience is a letdown. There is nothing drastically wrong, but it is obviously lacking when compared to other games of the same genre. Overall this is an excellent effort by 2XL and is the best Motocross, ATV racer on the platform. If updates can add to the audio features then ATV offroad would be unbeatable.