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Christmas With Weezer

Christmas With Weezer

Christmas With Weezer

Tap Tap + Weezer + Christmas = Win. Win. Win.

This app provides a "Merry Christmas TiG", as Tapulous present you with the chance to rock out with Weezer, as they belt out your favourite Christmas songs. Hold your iPhone up vertically with two hands and switch between shakes, or taps as both thumbs hammer along to the rhythm of three separate lanes of descending icons. Christmas With Weezer is now one year old, yet it has managed to maintain its value, with the Version 1.1 release of this game still costing £2.99. Therefore, the decision to purchase depends upon your personal stance regarding three glaringly obvious questions:

  • Do you enjoy 'Tap Tap' style rhythm games?
  • Are you a fan of Weezer's particular way of knocking out a tune?
  • Does your heart, chilled by the Winter's weary winds, feel all warm and toasty whenever it is reinvigorated by festive frivolities?
Christmas With Weezer
Christmas With Weezer
Christmas With Weezer
Christmas With Weezer
Christmas With Weezer
Christmas With Weezer

With any music and rhythm based game the most important aspect is how well the developers have integrated the songs into the gameplay. After repeated plays of Christmas With Weezer it is obvious how clever Tapulous have been in the way in which they have incorporated the natural control taps alongside the songs, through leading your ear to follow each different instrument's contribution.

For the most part you will be playing along with Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson, whacking his drum skins and belting his cymbals. However, holding and shaking out a note results in a pleasing impact upon the sound of the band. Shaking your iPhone to vibrate the notes not only results in bonus points, it also makes River Cuomo's vocals warble and during a song like 'O Holy Night' you can expertly vibrate the strings for the guitar solo. One particular twang of Scott Shriner's bass strings was also well appreciated, it was during a 'Hard' level attempt at 'Hark The Herald Angel Sings' and could have easily passed the player by, but it is an example of Tapulous's dedication to blending the timing of the musicians with your gameplay taps.

It is welcome that in general the six Christmas songs are short in length, although Weezer's own 'The Greatest Man That Ever Lived' is 5 minutes and 52 seconds long, your fingers will feel like they have had a minor workout after playing that one. However, you will have built up to that song over four separate difficulty levels and should feel prepared for its perfectly time "ooohs" and "aaaahs".

Upon reaching the 'Medium' and 'Hard' difficulty levels, the speed at which the present and Christmas tree bauble icons drop increases significantly and your combinations of thumb presses grows ever more hectic. Simultaneous taps become common and directional arrows more varied. This game is the most fun on 'Hard', because it is completely frantic, especially for quick paced songs like 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'. If that seems daunting, at least the slower paced songs like 'Silent Night' are much easier to deal with. However, the challenge is never unfair or insurmountable, achieving the required 85% success rate is always within your reach. This game is most difficult when directional arrows are sandwiched between a high volume of plunging Christmas baubles.

Gamers take note that overall the two Weezer songs are the most tough, double tap along to the 'Pork And Beans' "bam bam, bam bam" drums, sounds cool on record and it will bring a smile to your face if you manage to perfectly match those beats. Tapping along to chugging guitars in 'The Greatest Man That Ever Lived' is chaotic fun, but there are moments in that song which are so finger tappingly insane, that the temptation arose to nose tap the screen to desperately hit that third streaming icon, whilst both thumbs were already preoccupied by the two other streams.

Christmas with Weezer is also massively festive. The covers of the Christmas tunes are fantastic and the two set background graphics burst with Christmas cheer. The first shows the band swaying in the background, amongst snow covered log cabins, as well as Santa navigating his reindeer past a humongous full moon. This setting also has forest trees with lights that glow and flash as you tap along to the music. The second background is a Christmas tree, in which each successful tap illuminates the screen with the background colour of its respective bauble icon. The game is built around its bright and joyful Christmas theme and therefore it fits neatly in with a hot mince pie and a glass of eggnog, during your December celebrations.



In a Nutshell

  • One or two player options. The two player choice allows two people to simultaneously battle it out, demonstrating their Tap Tap skills, whilst still sharing either their iPhone, or iPod touch's screen.
  • Classic Tap Tap rhythm gameplay, tap the spherical Christmas baubles or presents, press to hold for long notes and shake in the direction of arrows, as they reach the foot of the screen. During set moments of the game the screen will prompt you to shake your iPhone to receive double points.
  • Four different difficulty levels (Kids, Easy, Medium and Hard).
  • Score 85% of successful taps and shakes on easier difficulty levels to unlock the harder settings.
  • Weezer perform six Christmas songs, in their own charming and quirky, pop/alternative rock style ('O Come All Ye Faithful', 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas', 'Silent Night', 'Hark The Herald Angel Sings', 'O Holy Night', 'The First Noel').
  • Unlock the 'Hard' difficulty level to earn two extra Weezer songs taken off their 2008 release of 'The Red Album' ('Pork And Beans' and 'The Greatest Man That Ever Lived').
  • Earn a bonus congratulations video from the band, for completing the entire game above 85% success rate.
  • Share high scores through your Tapulous profile.

In answer to the three introductory questions, TiG believes that Tapulous nailed the iPhone rhythm genre way back in 2008 and it is well implemented in this title. Regarding the issue of Weezer's music, it is telling that this particular reviewer has handed Santa a list which requests their 2009 'Raditude' album for Christmas Day, regardless of whether they have managed to successfully follow their awesome 1994 'Blue Album', or their more raw 1996 'Pinkerton' era sound. They are clearly guitar pop fiends now and should simply be enjoyed as such. Finally, any game that bursts with this much Christmas joy deserves a place within any gamer's downloads, to fill up your iPhone's virtual Christmas stocking.

Today is Christmas Eve and it is only five hours before Christmas Day. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in TiG for all of their hard work this year.
First of all I would like to shout out for ipodgamer, his work on the back-end of TiG, with its design, code and CMS implementation has been phenomenal. Without his hard work there would not be a TiG, plus he even finds the time to write reviews, news pieces and blogs for the site. Fair play to his dedication and cheers for inviting me to be involved in Touch iPhone Games, mate.
Also, I would like to thank my fellow contributor, yourkcountyflyer. His enthusiasm towards writing for TiG has been inspirational; he loves his iPhone games as much as we enjoy reading his content. Excellent work this year, Kyle.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, to all TiGers. :)