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Chromodyne iPhone Review

TiG Rapid Review

Match 3 gaming to save the planet

Here at TiG we love indie game developers and it doesn't get more indie than Celsiusgs Game Studios. Run entirely by Colin Walsh, fueled with only a true dedication to games and lots and lots of coffee!

Chromodyne[App Store] is a Match 3 style puzzler, the gist of which is to match up 3 or more similar game assets/icons in order to gain points or achieve an objective.

In Chromodyne the objective is to stop the world from being destroyed by a pair of dastardly aliens imaginatively named Zarlax and Gary, yes! You read it right, Gary! C'mon now, we all know that Gary is about as evil as naming conventions get!

Our beloved planet is under threat of total annihilation from above, what will save us? The Quantum Chromodynamic Cyclotron, of course! Think of this as a matter configuration device, utilized to organize and blast off 3 or more icons of the same shape and colour to (hopefully) halt the onset of certain destruction. 'The bad guys' hurl a strange variety of objects from their Atari 2600, equipped spaceship. These include, doughnuts, 8balls and even a loonytune-tastic anvil makes an appearance.

Chromodyne iPhone Review
Chromodyne iPhone Review
Chromodyne iPhone Review
Chromodyne iPhone Review
Chromodyne iPhone Review
Chromodyne iPhone Review

As mentioned, it's your job to stop this uber debris from striking the planet and the Quantum Chromodynamic Cyclotron (QCC), is your weapon. It takes the form of 5 concentric rings of icons that are manipulated in a cyclical motion to match 3. It is intuitive and overall it is a good implementation. However, TiG believes that it could be improved by allowing the user to alter the sensitivity, or by visually zooming in on a selected ring or icon when touched. It would also be nice if the ring of icons made a 'click' noise for each step in the rotation. This, we believe would help speed up and improve the usability of the QCC. But, having said all that, it is generally pretty good and the learning curve is shallow.

Like most match 3 games it is also rather addictive. Initial play was supposed to be for around an hour or so. The reality was, 3 hours later my iPod battery died! Chromodyne, definitely exudes that all important match 3 pick up and playability.

Survival of the quickest

Chromodyne allows for 2 different modes of play, the afforementioned Story mode and the more hardcore Survival mode.

In survival mode, you are essentially defending yourself from being eaten up by a block hole! Maker's of the Hadron Collider pay attention! As with all black holes matter is sucked in resulting in an increase in size. This physical law is adhered to in Chromodyne and the only solution is to match up those icons quickly. Once the encroaching darkeness matches the diameter of the QCC, your a dead duck! The last few seconds are particularly intense, as the screen indicator icon flashes red and moments later your off to another dimension.



In a nutshell

Chromodyne has a real 'Amiga-esque' indie slant to it; this may not be to everyones taste. But, TiG really enjoyed the retro feel of Chromodyne's presentation and humourous alien dialogue. The developer describes the game as "silly" and we agree, but there is a real core of a great game behind it all to.

TiG believe that with a little tweaking here and there, and an improvement in the production. This could become a more mainstream puzzler and do very well on the App Store. If however, you want to support and love indie games. This one is a gem as it is. Good Job Celsiusgs Game Studios!