Disney to enter the iPhone gaming market.

Disney to enter the iPhone gaming market.
Could Mickey Mouse invade the app store?

It's no suprise that corporate giant Disney decided to aquire gaming developer Tapulous, this is a very strong indication of the sheer level of importance that large companies now view Apple's awesome mobile platform. Rightly so, the penetration of the platform is already huge and with the iPad currently doing so well plus the new iPhone 4.0 and the Apple Gaming Center on the way the potential to get your message across has never been easier.

Obviously Disney will want to use the platform for these ends primarily, TiG forsee Toy Story Games popping up everywhere pretty soon! But let's not forget that Disney do actually have a heritage in gaming, (Castle of Illusion!) so lets hope that they have come to the table with some great game ideas as well as capitalising on the iPhones current dominance of mobile gaming.

"Mobile gaming is seeing unprecedented growth and this is the right time to invest to strengthen our position in the mobile business," said Steve Wadsworth, president of Disney Interactive. "In a short time, Bart and Andrew have built Tapulous into a successful and accomplished mobile games developer that's emerged as one of the most successful companies in the industry."

Details are still un-clear regarding the aquisition, and it is not yet publicly known how, or indeed if the Tapulous brand will continue in it's own right.
In a recent blog post Tapulous founder Bart Decrem stated "We started Tapulous because we love the iPhone," he went on to say, "We believed it would change everything, and we wanted to build fun, beautiful apps that tapped into its incredible entertainment power. And we did..."

So there you go, could very well be the end of the Tapulous brand on the iPhone, but hopefully Disney will come up with something nice for us gamers! Plus with Steve Jobs being on the Disney board, maybe a little inside influence will come through?