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Doodle Jump iPhone Review

Doodle Jump TiG Rapid Review

Doodle Jump, the most addictive game ever?

Doodle jump comes with a warning and rightly so! It is wonderfully addictive but never before has a game lead me so close to the complete obliteration my shiny new 3rd gen iPod touch! Be warned! Doodle Jump is a super simplistic, endurance/survival game where it is your job to navigate your character onwards and upwards to a worthy high score.

The game play is frantic and if you become really involved your palms will be sweating, hands shaking and the inevitable expulsion of a plethora of expletives is a dead cert. Note that your frustration will not be aimed at the actual game, more so at yourself for making another costly mistake! You tend to see your mistakes in slow motion, you know your going down, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Although it may be a million miles away, the brutality of Doodle Jump reminds me of the original Operation Flashpoint on the PC. You play for hours, make good headway, then a sniper take's you out with a one shot kill! This was supremely frustrating in Flashpoint but in Doodle Jump its actually part of the charm, well for us masochists at least.

Doodle Jump iPhone Review
Doodle Jump iPhone Review
Doodle Jump iPhone Review
Doodle Jump iPhone Review
Doodle Jump iPhone Review
Doodle Jump iPhone Review

As mentioned there is one basic game mode, your character likes to jump and he does so with great aplomb, you do not control the jumping, he is going to jump whether you like it or not. The only real control you have over him is to guide him between platforms using an awesome implementation of the accelerometer and tapping the screen allows you to fire projectiles out of his snout! Sounds easy? Well there is more, traversing the various platforms is one thing, but on your way up, you are hounded by a variety of monsters, space ships, moving, broken, exploding and 'good for one jump' platforms! Add to this the tears in your graph paper world that will suck all matter into them with the ferocity of a black hole and what you have is an immensely challenging and immersive game.

Thankfully to contend with the hazards, various power ups are sporadically dotted along the way, these include, springy shoes, one off platform trampolines and springs and my all time favourites the rocket pack and the kids whirly bird hat!

High score chasing is the name of the game with Doodle Jump and you will find yourself losing hours, days maybe even weeks doing so! Lima Sky have managed to create a game that teeters on the knife edge of enjoyment, addiction and out and out frustration!

Graphically doodle jump, is nice, it's no NOVA but it doesn't have to be. The characters are well animated and the frame rate is flawlessly smooth. The aural experience is also pretty good and the 'bump' sound of each consecutive jump becomes soothing on the ears and the soul as it re-assures you that you are not dead YET! The sound of the monsters is rather menacing as it acts as a warning to get shooting before they come on screen! It all adds to the level of intensity the game evokes as that high score just has to be beaten.



In a nutshell

I was truly surprised that I enjoy Doodle Jump so much, the key to it is the simplicity and the high score chasing. After days of almost continuous play, I am still not bored of it and find myself constantly itching to get some playtime to beat my high score. If you like endurance/survival games you are simply going to love this. It is probably one of, if not the most addictive game I have ever played regardless of platform and at 59p in the UK and in the USA. I can't see why every iPod touch/iPhone owner across the globe shouldn't have this on their machines! Judging by it's chart position on the App Store I guess most people share the same belief. Highly recommended!