iPhone is a serious gaming platform

iPhone is a serious gaming platform
When will the non-believers wake up!

Time to put this debate to sleep, The iPhone is a serious gaming platform, period! If you are a true gamer you should appreciate all platforms surely? The whole debate and fanboyism reminds me of Snes vs Megadrive, PS1 vs N64, Xbox vs PS2 and so on! Thankfully I am lucky enough to own pretty much every mainstream game console ever released. I love quality games regardless of platform.

Sure every platform has its plus points and it's failings, but it is the sheer love of gaming that allows me to have an open mind. I am not tied to one console, brand or publisher. Those who defend 'their' platforms usually only do so out of a sense of insecurity! C'mon you know this is true, why would you argue time after time anonymously in forums defending and preaching the benefits of 'your' system over everybody else's. One reason alone, to mask your own feelings of inferiority via the projection of superiorty over your fellow gamers. Surely this kind of cynisim and psycho babble should remain in the playground.

I bought a DS and a PSP way before they were released here in the UK. Lik-Sang and Play-Asia were only to happy to ship over Jap systems to the UK at the time and to this very day I love my DS and PSP dearly. This doesn't mean that I can't see the appeal of the iPhone as a gaming machine. The iPhone brings a whole list of features and exciting gaming experiences that simply can't be achieved on the other mobile platforms. Sure the PSP and DS excel in other areas, but thats why I love em all!

Those who believe the iPhone is a gimmick are beyond all help, if you think that, your not a true gamer you are a fool! How can you suggest that games such as Ravensword, NOVA, GTA Chinatown Wars, Eliminate, Asphalt 5, Jet Car Stunts and many more are not real games. Considering that the iPhone is still very much supporting what are essentially 1st gen titles, it is truly amazing what the top end iPhone game devs have achieved so far.

Then there are those who rubbish the control afforded by the lack of a physical input device. Lol, sure there are some game genres, that are not suited to the iPhone, but many more are. FPS games for example, I mainly play FPS games on my PC. It is in my opinion the best platform for the genre, but the iPhone is way up there to. It's better for FPS than both PSP and DS.

If you can't control an FPS such as Eliminate, NOVA or Sandstorn Modern Combat on the iPhone effectively then Darwininan selection is gonna be knocking at your door very soon. These games are an amazing accomplishment, the fact that the inventor of the genre, praises the iPhone is testement to it's sheer capability. If you don't see that then I would suggest that you just don't want to see.

But the app store is full of crap games!! Yes I have to aggree with you on that one. But if Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony released free SDK's and your local GAME or Electronics Boutique had the floor space of an international airport. I think the same could be said of those platforms. There are some absolute gems on in the app store. Real hardcore games made by underground hardcore coders.

The iPhone has given gaming back to the people, anyone who has $99, some objective C talent and a Mac can build an iPhone game. Sure lots of crap will emerge from this but the generation of new ideas and ways to play games is what the progression of gaming is all about. Nintendo are prime examples of this, their hardware has changed little since the N64 in terms of power, sure there have been upgrades to graphics chips along the way, but rather than going down the Microsoft, Sony.. Ghz, fillrate path. They have sat back and considered gaming!!! Who would of thought that the DS would outsell the graphically superior PSP? Did you think that the Wii would still be around and beating everything down in the home console market?

It really pisses me off how narrow minded and anal some supposed gamers can be. It's about the games, not the hardware you play on. iPhone is a great platform for gaming, it's not a gimmick and with dual core and more powerful GPU's on the way, I think by this time next year this argument will be a moot point.