iPod and iPhone gaming - The future

Apple Eat Nintendo
Large fruit eats large plumber..

The App Store hit 1.5 billion downloads recently, this is a colossal number of downloads especially when you consider that this was achieved in just over a year. Apple's business model is certainly working just fine.

I can recall TiG's very own JamieO mentioning to me last year that he was laughed out of GAME (For those in the US, think Electronics Boutique) when he asked if they would be stocking iPod Touch 2G.

An oh so knowledgable GAME staff member snorted, "Why would we stock an .mp3 player? we sell games consoles?" JamieO smiled and left without saying a word.

It is often very difficult to forecast where gaming is headed in the future? Who would of thought that Nintendo's underpowered DS would slaughter the almighty PSP? Or that Nintendo's Wii would... well, less said the better on that one. The bottom line is that we cannot predict the future of gaming, we can only hazard an informed guess.


New Sega Megadrive console

We therefore guess that the iPhone platform is the most exciting thing to happen in games for a number of years. Apple have taken (and improved upon) the most appealing aspects of Nintendo's DS, harvested the graphical grunt of Sony's PSP and added a whole host of other cool features. Armed with this recipe of superior technological prowess. They baked until ready and produced what TiG consider to be the best mobile gaming device bar none.

Yeah, but your just a bunch of fanboys! Nope, we had both Jap PSP and DS well before they were available in Europe, same for PS3, Wii and any other system you may continue to mention. As lifelong PC gamers, we actually kinda disliked Apple and the pretentiousness of their pre-built rigs. We still protest that for Dev and Design, Windows or Linux rules. Apple, well there for people who code whilst sitting on bean bags whilst sipping lattes!

We will however, give credit where it's due and what Apple have done for gaming with the inception of The App Store has to be recognised as groundbreaking. Xbox 360's live arcade is amazing, but there is something inherently special about downloading a game whilst your waiting for the train home.

So where does it go from here, we not foolish enough to hazard a guess just yet, but with PSP and Nintendo playing catchup and Apple thinking of entering the home console market, we know that there are interesting times ahead.