OpenFeint 2.5 now available

OpenFeint 2.5 now available
Download the new SDK today!

2.5 is all about giving you complete control of your game data. It comes with upgraded APIs that make it even easier to build community, promote your games, and foster competition (turn-based multi-player!). Take a peek below for some more exclusive new/improved features of the new 2.5 OpenFeint SDK.


Here’s What's New

  • Community - Connect your players with personalized gaming experiences, easily accessible game invitations, in-game friending, and more!
  • Promotion - Get more people to download your game content with easier favoriting, in-game cross promotion, and web-ready data via REST APIs.
  • Competition - Challenge your players to compete against their friends with custom achievements, in-game leaderboard data, and the ALL NEW turn-based multi-player system.

Looks like the new SDK has some significant improvements, but here at TiG we do worry about the future of Openfeint once the Apple Game Center is finally released en-masse. Time will tell!

In the meantime, you can download the new OpenFeint SDK here