Top 10 games on the iPhone

Top 10 games on the iPhone
10 best iphone and ipod touch games.

I have been playing games on my iPod touch for over a year now, and I thought it might be nice to write a little list of my favourite games on the platform so far.

There are so many games on the App store that compiling such a list has actually been rather difficult, I thought about organising my favourites by Publisher, then by genre, then by release date! In the end I have decided to simply list my all time favourites so far! So here goes, my favourite iPhone games (and why!) in reverse order!

  • Sonic the Hedgehog - in 10th position I have gone for Sega's Sonic. It is a faithful recreation of the all time classic and I have had many hours of enjoyment blasting my way around the Sonic universe. Controls can be tricky at times and frame rates can cause problems at times. But overall I found Sonic to be a solid game and hope that Sega continue to release the rest of the Sonic series on the iPhone.

    Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Worms - I was looking forward so much to the release of Team 17's classic turn (worm) based strategy game. I purchased it at midnight on it's day of release and was initially disappointed. The control was lousy and the zoom feature was awful. However later revision have improved the gameplay and Worms is now back on top on for the iPhone. If you loved playing this on the Playstation back in the day, I urge you to grab it from the App Store, if you are disappointed I will eat all the worms in my garden!


  • geoDefense - This being the iPhone there has to be a tower defense game in there! For me, the one I have found myself going back to the most was geoDefense. I just love the retro feel and the laser show graphics. It is beautifully programmed and has so much depth to it. A truly intelligent well executed TD game.


  • Minigore - was one of the most anticipated games of the year and the initial release didn't disappoint. Myself and the rest of the TiG team set ourselves a Minigore Challenge and went for some real high scores. I managed to get to 7th in the world at one point and enjoyed playing every minute of it. However the linear gameplay becomes boring after a while and when you realise that high scores are not the be all and end all. You question why you should continue to play. I was sorely disappointed in the long awaited update, nothing was really added to the game and when there are games of the quality of Alive 4-Ever on the app store. Minigore V1 and later revisions pale into insignificance. However, I don't count Mountain Sheep out of the game and I am pretty hopeful that they will add some additional features in the future to bring the game back into both mine and my fellow TiGers hearts!


  • Spider The Secret of Bryce Manor Review - was one of the most imaginative games I have ever played on any platform! Delightful control, awesome backdrops and graphics make this my favourite puzzler on the iPhone so far. I just love being a spider and spinning webs is an absolute joy. I frequently play it to this day and will probably continue to do so for some time to come. Didn't manage to cure my arachnophobia though

    Spider:  The Secret of Bryce Manor

  • Backbreaker Football Tackle Alley - Fellow TiGer yorkcountyflyer mentioned this in an email, I checked it out and was totally gobsmacked! The natural motion guys have quite simply brought the graphical ability of the iphone out for all to see. Controls are fluid and completely intuitive and whilst not a traditional football game it is immensely playable and lots of fun. I am a sucker for 3D mastery and Backbreaker really appeals to my love of tech wizardry. If you want to see what the iPhone can accomplish in the hands of skilled devs, check Backbreaker out.

    Backbreaker Football

  • Earthworm Jim - Loved it on the Sega Genesis in 1994 love it all over again on the iPhone. A truly awesome re-creation of Interplays classic. All of the humor, creativity and madness of the original game are perfectly captured. Awesome audio, amazing graphics, controls are easy and intuitive plus it runs flawlessly, no choppy frame rate issues even on older hardware. Gameloft have really stepped it up with EWJ, another one worth checking out.

    Earthworm Jim

  • Real Racing - The first game on the iPhone that made my jaw drop, I remember watching the trailer on youtube and thinking holy crap, that can't be for real! I watched the trailer a few times and was still not entirely convinced that what I was witnessing was actually in-game footage. I played for 2 days straight upon release and still can't put it down now. I love real racing, I hold it right up there with Grand Turismo and GCR series. Without a doubt this is the ultimate racer on the iPhone and it will take something exceptional to knock it off it's well deserved perch.

    Real Racing

  • Shrek Kart - My second favourite game of all time regardless of system is Super Mario Kart on the snes, I have been a fan of the genre ever since and this is the closest thing to Mario Kart on the iPhone so far. Could use a little tweaking here and there, and a fully featured online experience is sorely missed. But other than that, Shrek Kart is the benchmark for Kart Racers on the iPhone. Great course design, colorful and bright graphics coupled with all my favourite characters from the Shrek universe make this a no-brainer no2 favourite game on the iPhone.

    Shrek Kart?

  • Sandstorm Modern Combat - I have been playing FPS games (almost) from the beginning, lets name them eh! Doom, Quake (series), Unreal (series) Half-life(series), Counter Strike (series) Team Fortress (Series) Battlefied (series) COD (series) I could go on... After playing Wolfenstien 3D my heart dropped, I literally thought. "Sh*t FPS is never going to work on the iPhone. Then came Sandstorm Modern Combat. What I love most is the control method, I come from a PC gaming background and Sandstorm (for me) does not try and emulate and xbox or ps3 pad, it emulates a mouse and keyboard. At least that's how it feels to me. I can strafe and move on this game as effortlessly as if I were playing on my PC. This is why I love it so much; it showed to me that FPS games have a home on touch screens. The graphics, textures and visual effects are unbelievable. It truly is like playing a real PC FPS on your iPhone. The fact that online multiplayer is coming just exacerbates my exitement and I will be playing and killing you all very soon! lol. Seriously though, Sandstorm is for me (at least) the best game on the iPhone and until NOVA or Eliminate are released it is likely to remain that way.

    Modern Combat: Sandstorm

Well there you go, I am sure some of you will agree/disagree with me? Why not tell me why I am so wrong or indeed commend my exquisite taste in games by leaving a comment or you can discuss on the forums. :)