Twin stick marvel Guerrilla Bob hits the App Store

Twin stick marvel Guerrilla Bob hits the App Store
Guerrilla Bob looks to be a twin stick shooter with depth

Twin stick shooters are perfectly suited to the iPhones multi touch control system. So far releases such as mini-gore and iDracula were really focused on high score chasing, Alive 4 ever made inroads into developing more in the way of storyline, but even this was lacking any real depth. Chillingo's latest release, Guerrilla Bob looks like it may be the first twin stick shooter to really hit the spot with regards to depth, storyline and features.

Guerrilla Bob promises to go beyond circling endless waves of enemies, and adds structured level designs and various challenges, along with some awesome Team Fortress2 -esque style humor and graphics.

Level by level, you follow Bob to taste the thrill for the kill! You must help Bob make his way through plenty of dangerous canyons, steep deserts and abominable towns. To achieve this, Bob must not only survive the countless wave attacks, but also explore the land in search of new weaponry and secret items. To up the ante further there is the promise of awesome clashes with some beastly boss characters!

We will be putting our full review up shortly! Guerrilla Bob looks like a sure fire hit and the inclusion of our old friend John Gore into the storyline makes it all the more appealing. Get your copy now from the App Store


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