Will iPod Touch be the Apple of our eye this Christmas?

Will iPod Touch be the Apple of our eye this Christmas?
iPod touch and iPhone will be the big sellers this yuletide season.

With it's faster CPU and more powerful graphics ability, the new iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS truly are mobile gaming platforms to rival the prowess of the Sony PSP and Nintendo's DS. But, they have so much more to offer than either of the afforementioned systems. The iPod Touch is not only a great gaming machine it is also a world class .mp3 player, internet browser, social media darling, video player and personal organizer to boot.

Sure the inclusion of a camera on the iPod touch would of been desirable but it's not a deal breaker as neither of the other mobile platforms offer a quality camera. The DSi's limited camera is purely an after thought to try and leverage the DSi into the iPod touch's market place. In my opinion DSi may as well not have a camera at all. it's not like you can use it for anything useful.

I think Apple will take over the mobile gaming sector pretty soon, and christmas 2009 could very well be the start of things to come. To some of you this may sound far fetched and reek of fanboyism. My response? I say that, iPhone publishers, Chillingo, Gameloft and ngmoco:) have some triple AAA games due for release before or over the Christmas period. For example, RavenSword, Eliminate and NOVA are all due out before Christmas, plus Gameloft's awesome FPS Sandstorm looks as though it will have online capability before the saviours day! Earthworm Jim has been released and is almost the perfect rendition of the Sega Genesis classic, how many more retro games could be released onto the iPhone in due course?

I recently showed my 64 year old Father-in-law the iPod touch and he was awestruck by it's capability. He loves his Nintendo DSi but admits that the iPod touch he has been bought for christmas will resign the DSi to the backburner. I to own a DSi and a PSP and have felt no urge to pick either of them up for a long time based purely on the fact that my iPod takes care of all my gaming needs.

What do you think, could iPod touch and iPhone be the best selling mobile gaming platform this Christmas? Or am I just dreaming? Please feel free to leave a comment or discuss on our forums.


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