Shrek Forever After: The Game released for iPad and iPhone

Gameloft take us far far away... again!

We loved Shrek Kart on the iPhone and now we are doubled over with excitement at the prospect of yet more Shrek, but this time on our iPads! The official Shrek Forever After game has just been released on the iPad.

CALLING ALL OGRES! The DreamWorks Animations’ Shrek Forever After™ game brings The Final Chapter to iPad in this epic platform game adventure of Love, War and Sketchy Contracts! Enjoy highly-detailed HD environments as you explore, fight, scare, race and fly through 11 visually-stunning 3-D levels as Shrek, Donkey and Puss In Boots!

Game Features

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Parking Mania HD motors on to iPad!

Another parking mad game..

Parking Mania HD just launched on the App Store and puts your parking skills to the test. Steer your car into tight spaces, avoid obstacles and look both ways for moving traffic! With polished graphics, great sounds, more than 80 intricate levels and 30 different vehicles to drive, you'll find endless entertainment with this game.

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iSlate announcement expected today

Jobs set to announce iSlate at press event today.

Steve Jobs is set to take to the stage of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco today. Rumours have been flying around that the much anticipated iSlate will be officially announced. Price points have yet to be confirmed but TiG expects that the iSlate will sit in the middle ground between a top end Mac Mini and the mid range Mac Book Pro. It will certainly be more expensive than the iPhone thats for sure.

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New ipad gaming site coming soon!

Jumping on the iPad bandwagon.

It certainly looks as though Apple fans are taking to the iPad in a big way. Never saw that coming! More importantly gamers are getting very excited at the prospect of big screen gaming on the go. I am still going to hold out for the next revision of the iPad before I get all ga ga over it, but the potential to be an awesome gaming device is certainly there.

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You're not going to buy an iPad.

No.. you're not, well not yet.

iPad is here, Steve jobs announced the new tablet device today as expected. The media hype surrounding this announcement has been absolutely huge. Twitter has been buzzing all day and the hashtags #iSlate, #iPad etc.. have been trending for much of it. But who is this device actually aimed at?

I have a laptop, a PC, a decent Phone, a 3rd gen iPod Touch, various next gen games consoles and other gaming handheld devices. Do I need an iPad? My head says no, my wallet says no and even the Apple geek in me says NO! I expect that many other techie types are of the same opinion?

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