Retro Classic R-Type coming to iPhone

R-type coming soon to app store
EA are releasing R-Type for iPhone shortly

Remember R-Type from back in the day? We have recently been playing the true retro version of this so fingers crossed that EA have managed to capture the spirit of the original. Not much in the way of details at the moment but here is what the press release from EA had to say about this upcoming release.

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Ghosts n Goblins Gold Knights Review

Axe Ace Arthur Attacks The Groovie Ghoulies

Any gamer worth their salt knows the drill, you guide a courageous knight into the hazard packed Ghoul Realm, a setting so perilous that running, firing javelins and double jumping is essential to defeat the despicable demons and liberate the innocent maiden's souls. Gold Knights employs retro platforming mechanics, so care and caution must be taken to land safely on each unstable precipice, whilst still dodging the fire breathing fiends.

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