Alive 4-Ever Review single & multiplayer

JamieO and ipodgamer Co-Operation Carnage!

This is the first of hopefully many TiG FPRs (First Person Reviews). We have decided to alter the format of our review section for co-op games and now we review multiplayer as a two way conversation between two members of the TiG team.

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Twin stick marvel Guerrilla Bob hits the App Store

Guerrilla Bob looks to be a twin stick shooter with depth

Twin stick shooters are perfectly suited to the iPhones multi touch control system. So far releases such as mini-gore and iDracula were really focused on high score chasing, Alive 4 ever made inroads into developing more in the way of storyline, but even this was lacking any real depth. Chillingo's latest release, Guerrilla Bob looks like it may be the first twin stick shooter to really hit the spot with regards to depth, storyline and features.

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